Zillin on Premise

Image annotation tool to make deep learning solutions simple. And now it is possible to make it a full private instance.

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Finally, it’s here. Zillin on Premise is waiting for you.

The Zillin On-Premise is a software app for annotating images and managing image datasets. Most often it is used to create training data for big neural networks in computer vision. You can upload image datasets, configure marking tools, attributes and questions, and do the actual annotation work.

You can do this yourself or invite other people to cooperate. Then, after all the work is done you can export your annotations and use them for training or testing your computer vision algorithms, most typically ones that are based on deep neural networks.

 Independent service Independent service

You only need a computer with an operating system and a database to run Zillin. You do not generate any additional costs!

Cloud-hosted or Self-hosted Cloud-hosted or Self-hosted

It all depends on your needs. You can decide if you want to host your files in the cloud or locally.

Working offline Working offline

You no longer need an Internet connection to label your data anymore. You can run Zillin on your private local network

Fully managed Fully managed

You have full rights to manage Zillin on your own server instance.

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