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Zillin is the online tool for managing image datasets. Store your images, annotate them, collaborate with others.

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1€/1000 images

1€/1000 images

Private and secure data

Private and secure data


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Unlimited labels

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Work as a team and build valuable datasets

Effective deep learning models need high-quality training data. The Zillin's team put years of experience in data preparation, creating a tool that makes the process very simple and very reliable.

People in your team will have different permission levels:

Manager – can add or remove people from the team

Developer – defines projects and creates models using annotated images

Collaborator – uploads images and makes annotations

Guest – can see the projects, but in the read-only way

Worker – only gets individual images for annotation in a batch mode

You can create annotations using several different tools. Each tool will have a class name attached.

Bounding Boxes – simply draw frames to quickly select interesting objects

Polygons – create precise outlines of objects or defects

Points – mark key points like human eyes, object corners or picking slots

Polylines – useful for example for marking road lanes or veins

Questions – add meta-information which can be Yes/No, numerical or textual

Zillin introduces this optional two-stage process, because mistakes do happen and must be eliminated. This feature can also be used to have image annotations approved by your customer before you invest time for training your models.

Developing deep learning models for real life applications can easily become chaotic. Zillin solves that by giving you a clear and simple set of procedures for working with datasets, sharing them within a team and creating annotation projects.

Industrial quality inspection

Use Zillin to store and annotate images with and without defects. Collect new datasets from the production environment to further refine your models. Mark defects with Polygon or Pixelwise tools. Invite your customer online to verify defect annotations.

Industrial robot guidance

Use Zillin to manage images of objects that your robots should pick. Annotate object positions with key Points or Oriented Rectangles. Use Questions to add more information like about material or estimated weight.

Medical imaging

Use Zillin to conduct research on computer tomography imaging, skin disease classification and many more. Use Zillin's detailed tracking to see who and when created a particular annotation to strictly document your proceedings.

Automated agriculture

Use Zillin to develop projects in automated harvesting, crop monitoring or plant classification. Invite experts to collaborate on annotations. Use Questions to collect information about product categories or quality grades.

Autonomous systems

Use Zillin to prepare training data for AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Mark and classify objects with Bounding Boxes. Describe special circumstances or alert conditions with Questions.

Food & plant processing

Use Zillin to manage your images used for training fruit sorting, flower transplanting, classification of meat pieces and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

All work that has been done in your project can be simply exported as a JSON file. Just go to your project details → Export tab, and you will be able to download the file from there. This file will contain all your annotations together with additional meta-data such as who and when created each marking.

Your data is securely stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud so that you don't need to worry about it and you can access it everywhere. If you prefer your own storage you can contact us and we will offer you synchronizing it with Zillin as an additional service.

It depends on the details of your agreement. Many standard NDA templates allow for restricted data transfer to contractors or third parties "reasonably required" to carry out a contract. Please discuss this matter directly with your customer. Many of them may actually be happy to share images with you through a trackable service; especially when they can get involved as Collaborators or Guests and see exactly what you are doing with their data. If that is not possible, consider asking your customer to create their own workspaces in Zillin and to invite you to collaborate while keeping full access control themselves.

Due to the European law and as explicitly stated in § 10 of our Terms of Service, you will be required to obtain our consent and enter into a relevant agreement with us about processing personal data.

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